T/A Arshine Metals & Petroleum Resources

We Trade In Confidence.

Arshine is your go-to destination for precious metals (Gold, Copper & diamond), petroleum products and other specialized commodities.

Confidence is a currency.

World over, individuals, organizations, and companies are looking for trustworthy, reliable partners they can work with. It’s no longer enough just to be offered a financially lucrative deal; everyone needs to be protected. Not only must your interests be protected; your partners must be protected too, so that, when all is said and done, you’ve not only gained financially, but you must also have gained confidence with all your stakeholders. That’s why with Arshine, your transaction is in confidence first, then in any other currency.

Let’s grow together. In confidence.

About Arshine

Arshine MP Resources (Pty) Ltd trading as Arshine Metals & Petroleum Resources is an established commodity exchange company that deals with various minerals and resources. Established in 2006, the company is a sub-division of CTE Holding Ltd. Arshine MP Resources (Pty) Ltd was founded as an additional subsidiary of the CTE Holding Group. The group has been operational in South Africa and various African countries since 2006 with different arms focusing on management consultancy, immigration and electrical projects. The group did very well but shifted focus to energy & petroleum, commodity trading, mines and mineral projects during the global economic dip. Having joint-venture and garnered major financial partnership with some investors, Arshine MP Resources (Pty) Ltd moved to new business levels as business opportunities kept coming from Uganda, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Sierra Leone and Kenya. On our books and our partners for the supply of Diesel (D5 and D2), we have the Uganda Petroleum wholesalers and traders in Uganda, Kenya and Guinea. The company also has some SADC governmental bodies in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Recently, the company has also moved to the procurement, supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) in an effort to alleviate the challenges associated with the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Arshine’s focal points remain performance, delivery and dependability. The company’s goal is to continue developing strong relationships predicated on reliable and responsible performance.

Confidence is currency. No confidence, no deal.


Rev KB Mundo – CEO

Rev Mundo is an experienced leader and businessman with experience in petroleum procurement, business consultancy, Project Management Training and many other areas of business operation and equipping. His vision drives the company forward, and leads a proficient, efficient and energetic leadership team.

Confidence is currency. No confidence, no deal.


Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning various industries over many years. These include banking, engineering, operations, IT and technology. Brian is the brains behind the technical operations of the Arshine Group.

Confidence is currency. No confidence, no deal.