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Metals & Petroleum Resources

Welcome. Arshine is your go-to destination for mineral, petroleum products and other specialized commodities. When you come to Arshine, you will no longer need to go anywhere else.

Petroleum & Oil Products

Bulk Fuel Supply & Storage

Ad-hoc Large-Scale Supply & Contracts

Local & Regional Fuel Deliveries

Trade in Oil & Petroleum with confidence.

When it comes to the oil trade, confidence is almost a hard-sell. That’s why at Arshine we put your confidence ahead of everything else. We’re backed by strong teams and partners to help assure you of protection of your interests.

Arshine is specialized in the procurement and supply of petroleum products sourced from various countries. Trust us to meet your price, quantity, and quality on your requirements for any of the following and more:


– EN590 European Diesel D6
– Diesel Gas Oil D2 GOST 305-82


– ULP93
– ULP95

Aviation Kerosene

– Jet A1
– JP54

Bonny Light Crude Oil

– Contact us for specifications.

Illuminating Paraffin

– Bulk supply of paraffin.
– Contact us for further details.


Available Transaction Modes For Fuel & Oil Trades
(1) CIF Ex Vessel Trades to ASWP.
(2) FOB Rotterdam and or at Refinery on TTT or TTV basis.
(3) Ex Tank Beira/Matola/Durban.
(4) Local on the grid in South Africa.

Confidence is currency. No confidence, no deal.

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